2020 3rd Quarter Market Reports

I missed posting the 2nd Quarter Market Reports due to the brisk pace of real estate. It has been astounding the number of families who are relocating primarily from the Bay area to the Monterey Peninsula. We are experiencing short listing periods, most homes are selling at the asking price and often over with multiple offers.

Since our inventory of properties is low, I ask for your help. If you are thinking of selling, or know someone who is planning on selling, it is a great time! Please give me a call or have them call me at 831-809-6208.

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As we approach Thanksgiving, I wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving filled with the bounties of this holiday and be thankful for our blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving

Real Estate During Covid-19

Monterey Bay

Since our SIP order on March 18, 2020, real estate pretty much stopped since we were unable to show properties unless they were vacant. Showing protocols called for booties, gloves and masks, and properties disinfected after each showing. The situation finally improved about two weeks ago. All visitors are required to sign documentation that they are healthy, understand the risk and will wear masks and gloves. One agent and two guests are allowed in a property. Open houses and Realtor tours are not permissible, only virtual tours and appointments.

It seems the market is amazingly brisk with many families wanting to escape the Bay area and finally make the Monterey Peninsula their home. In the last few days, I have seen properties go into escrow in a matter of days and a couple have sold over asking price. We will see how things develop in the near future.

Most all of our annual events have been cancelled such as the Big Sur Marathon, the Jazz Festival, the Bach Festival, various food festivals, and our wonderful Concours D’Elegance. We all look forward to 2021.

Tomorrow, some restaurants are opening for indoor dining, the shopping center is opening, some hotels, the gym, etc. I am hoping our cases of Covid-19 stay low. The majority of cases being reported are located in Salinas and mostly attributed to the agricultural workers. This is very sad. Living in the salad bowl of America, we certainly want our agricultural workers to stay well. We are all aware it will be a long process before we are back to normal and must be cautious until a vaccine is available. Stay safe and well.

2020 1st Quarter Market Statistics

I hope you are doing well during this unusual time.  Since the Covid-19 SIP, we have stayed active and happily can show homes again by appointment with strict guidelines. Pricing has stayed consistent and we will see how things develop over the next few months but we are all feeling positive.
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The Big (Sur) One

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Xasáuan Today

Yesterday, April 30, 2019, at 10:10 am, a small, magnitude 3.4 earthquake rocked the seafloor 25 kilometers northwest of San Simeon. That’s just offshore from where the Monterey/San Luis Obispo County line meets the coast; between Salmon Creek and Ragged Point. Local media reported it took place on the San Simeon Fault.

In other words, the quake took place immediately adjacent to some of the most unstable and landslide prone slopes in Big Sur. It was fortunate that this quake was so small, because larger – much larger – earthquakes are distinctly possible along the Big Sur coast.


The epicenter of yesterday’s earthquake was just off this segment of the southern Big Sur coast. The cattle grazing in Kozy Kove Meadow make a peaceful, bucolic scene, but it’s worth remembering that the flat is, in fact, the top of an enormous pile of rubble; the remnants of a massive landslide…

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Would you like to see, in real time, which stories, videos, galleries and images are going viral right now…… on any topic, from any source?”  That’s how these folks describe their interesting effort to combine breaking news with the verity of the web.

Every day these people index hundreds of thousands of new links from across the Internet and constantly measure their number of likes, tweets, pins and video views. They compare the numbers and the current rate of increase per hour is calculated and stored.

All of this information can be searched and filtered by keyword,  source(s), authors and several other properties. The final output can be sorted in various ways (highest to lowest total likes, by current rate of increase and by tweet count.

The result is a right up-to-the -minute look at what is currently trending or about to trend on any topic and/or from any source on the web.

They say that their system “has no human editors at all…” (Must be run by monkeys!) 

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Apartments are shrinking – especially in the big cites where developers are trying to deliver more affordable housing. So, with smaller and smaller living spaces, they have to fit all the things renters need into this shrinking space – including beds, desks, closets and storage.

Their storage system doubles or triples the usable space in a room by packing all the occupant’s stuff into ceiling modules — then raising and lowering those modules as needed.

At night, when she is ready, the resident lets her phone app know when she wants to sleep. The bed comes down and she zzzs off.  In the morning, the bed goes up and the desk comes down. Also, if it’s cold — temperature up. Think of it as just-in-time at your fingertips living.  You can start looking at real estate in volume rather than in square feet.  You are already paying for it — now you can start using all this air and ceiling space you have ignored for years.

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If you are a veteran – or know a veteran – you will want to know about this new innovation in medical catering.

Veterans who have a health problem like diabetes, chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, find that getting treatment can be downright inconvenient – especially for older veterans who want to live independently at home. Because of this many eventually go into a nursing home where their symptoms and vital signs (pulse, weight, temperature etc) can be checked frequently.

Now the Department of Veterans’ Affairs is offering a system that connects Veterans in their homes to medical support using regular telephone lines, cellular, the Internet and cell phones. This changes the location where health care services can be routinely provided – and is a giant step to improving convenient care for veterans.  Good stuff. We’re getting to the point where occasionally we can believe them when they “We’re here to help you.”

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Radio Scanners were hot items a few decades ago. They are making a comeback now that there is no need to spend big bucks for physical scanner equipment — combined with a plethora of real time information and entertainment now available.

With convenient access you can sit back and track the world’s largest source of police, fire, aircraft, rail, and marine radio live audio streams. With this easy to use program you can listen to over 6500 Police, Eire, EMS . and other types of broadcasts – live – as they are happening. 

These folks have set this up so in 60 seconds you can select the City. State and type of broadcast you want to monitor – then relax and get the inside scoop on everything that is going on around you!

Good stuff.

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