Interesting to see what the buyers are looking for.

 They make up the largest generation in our nation’s history – even bigger than the Baby Boomers. They are just reaching their prime home buying age. And for the most part, they’ve never owned real estate before. Watch out housing market: Here come the Millennials. And their impact on the real estate industry could be significant.

According to a couple of new studies reported this week in USA TODAY, there are about 90 million Millennials or members of Generation Y as they’re also known, and the oldest ones are hitting their early 30s now and ready to become homeowners.

This is good news of course for home builders, who are just now recovering from the recession and looking to replenish the nation’s housing stock. It’s also encouraging for existing home owners and Realtors because it brings a new generation of buyers for their listings even as baby boomers…

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